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The Grit Institute

The GRIT Institute is an independent, worldwide, organically growing consortium of scholars, professionals, leaders, and learners interested in exploring and expanding the applications and implications of GRIT across an endless array of contexts and cultures.

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GRITAll live GRIT programs are customized to our clients’ needs, aspirations, learning objectives, participants, and intended outcomes.

GRIT Programs

Leadership GRIT™

Getting people to passionately engage, to dig deep and relentlessly pursue difficult, complex, protracted goals is what gritty leadership is all about. Leadership GRIT draws from the most advanced GRIT-based theory and practices to equip leaders to:

  • Grasp, appreciate, and apply Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity first to one’s self and, second, to how one leads others
  • Upgrade both the quality and quantity of one’s personal GRIT
  • Lead others to set Gritty Goals, follow a Gritty Game Plan, and achieve more, in less time
  • Apply GRIT to how you recruit, develop, and advance your talent
  • Create a gritty culture, one that thrives on difficulty, struggle, and effort
  • Turn GRIT into a competitive weapon, to achieve otherwise unachievable gains
  • Applying GRIT to all facets of one’s personal life
  • Leave with measurable gains in individual and collective GRIT

Program participants receive the GRIT Kit™.