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GRIT Programs & Tools | The GRIT KitGRIT Programs & Tools | The GRIT Kit
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The Grit Institute

The GRIT Institute is an independent, worldwide, organically growing consortium of scholars, professionals, leaders, and learners interested in exploring and expanding the applications and implications of GRIT across an endless array of contexts and cultures. 

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GRITDesigned for people with a variety of learning styles, our materials optimize retention and engagement both during and after your session.

The GRIT Kit

All participants receive top quality materials that include the GRIT Gauge™, GRIT Sorter™, the GRIT app, and much more.

The GRIT Gauge™, the gold standard for assessing G-R-I-T, as well as mapping both the quality and quantity of your GRIT. You receive a full-color PDF report with essential insights and tips for growing your GRIT.

The GRIT Sorter™, a powerful tool for assessing and optimizing where you invest your best GRIT, and upgrading all capacities of your GRIT.

The GRIT Journal includes an array of tools, exercises, and plenty of space for capturing your most important insights, actions, and post-program applications.

 The GRIT Cube is a interactive keepsake and practical tool that encapsulates, refreshes, andassists you in applying all facets of GRIT.

GRIT Gainers are a series of highly interactive, provocative tools, used both within and well beyond the session to "gritify" your goals, game plan, and overall life.

Program participants receive the GRIT Kit™.