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GRIT Programs & Tools | The GRIT GaugeGRIT Programs & Tools | The GRIT Gauge
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The Grit Institute

The GRIT Institute is an independent, worldwide, organically growing consortium of scholars, professionals, leaders, and learners interested in exploring and expanding the applications and implications of GRIT across an endless array of contexts and cultures. 

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GRITThe GRIT Gauge™ is the world’s most advanced, scientifically grounded, and widely adopted assessment of GRIT.

The GRIT Gauge

It is the only tool in existence that assesses one’s Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity, as well as one’s Robustness — considered the “bonus factor” when it comes to establishing sustainable, life-long GRIT. 

Based on 35 years of general research, and 15 years of GRIT-specific research, the GRIT Gauge provides insights into both the quality and quantity of one’s GRIT, along with personalized tips for improvement.

Your GRIT Gauge Feedback Report

You will receive a full-color, comprehensive, personalized feedback report, graphically depicting and thoroughly describing your results. You will receive some initial tips for improvement, as well as comparative results for getting a stronger sense of how your scores stack up against the broader norms, or bell curve.