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What is GRIT | Overview | Benefits of GRITWhat is GRIT | Overview | Benefits of GRIT
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The Grit Institute

The GRIT Institute is an independent, worldwide, organically growing consortium of scholars, professionals, leaders, and learners interested in exploring and expanding the applications and implications of GRIT across an endless array of contexts and cultures. 

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GRITGRIT Definition:  Your capacity to dig deep and do whatever it takes — even sacrifice, struggle, and suffer — to achieve your most worthy goals in the best ways.

What is GRIT?

GRIT is the defining element in what it takes to realize your most important and rewarding ambitions. If AQ is about defense — how you respond to whatever comes your way — GRIT is about offense. It defines the degree, duration, and quality of effort you invest to make good things happen.

What does it predict?

According to independent studies, GRIT predicts:

  • Goal Magnitude — The difficultly of goals one sets
  • Goal Fulfillment — The likelihood of a person achieving their goals
  • Job Level — What level or rank one achieves on one’s job
  • Growth Mindset — The propensity to seek new, fresh, alternative ideas and perspectives
  • Agility — The tendency to and speed with which one can re-assess, reroute or adjust one’s approach to any given objective
  • Effort — The duration and magnitude of effort one puts into one’s pursuits
  • Engagement — How engaged one tends to be in anything one pursues
  • Persistence — The degree of tenacity, relentlessness, and fortitude one demonstrates
  • Performance — The comparative level of results and achievement
  • Value — The measurable value one brings to the job, or any commitment


Additionally, a series of independent studies conducted in collaboration with researchers from Cornell University and the Educational Testing Service reveal some groundbreaking findings, including:

  • Rising Above — GRIT predicts one’s ability to improve one’s station (socio-economic status) in life. Those who score higher tend to move up. Those who score lower tend to fall, or get stuck.
  • Fully Employed — GRIT predicts how employed a person tends to be. Those with less GRIT are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed. Those with more GRIT tend to be fully employed.
  • Happiness and Health — GRIT predicts a person’s quality of life and overall health. The greater one’s GRIT, the fuller, healthier, and more satisfying one’s life tends to be.