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“Resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity — it’s your capacity to be strengthened and improved by it.” —Dr. Paul G. Stoltz


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Launch—The Role of AQ® in Entrepreneurial Success and Economic Impact

Laurie Stach, Executive Director of the Launch Summer Program at MIT, ultimately seeks to disrupt the world of education, increase the number of start-ups, as well as enhance overall economic impact by equipping students for uncommon success and exemplary contribution to the world through world-class, intensive, hands-on, entrepreneurial experience. This is the purpose of the Launch Summer Program at MIT. AQ, as the global "gold standard" for assessing Grit, is currently a substantive, required component of the Launch experience.

LaunchThis groundbreaking study explores the predictive strength and role AQ plays in short and long-term entrepreneurial success, as well as long-term economic impact, and overall personal contribution. Pre and Post AQ assessments are administered for all students participating in the Launch Summer Program at MIT, as well as a host of qualitative factors exploring the applicability/role of AQ for entrepreneurial challenges predictably experienced on the path to any successful venture. The results from this pioneering, multi-phase, multi-year study will be released as they become available.