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“Resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity — it’s your capacity to be strengthened and improved by it.” —Dr. Paul G. Stoltz


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Validation Studies

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2008–Present Studies
Study / Description Date Researcher
Title: The Resilient Leader: Examining the correlation between Adversity Quotient® (AQ®) and GRIT™ of small business owners Sept 2017 Jason N. Scott
Title: Growing Resilience and GRIT in High School Kids May 2014 Scott Swaaley
Title: Launch—The Role of AQ® in Entrepreneurial Success and Economic Impact [LEARN MORE] July 2013 MIT
Title: The Adversity Quotient and Academic Performance among College Students at University of Perpetual Help- Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University in Binan, Laguna June 2011 Necinette Briones-Velarde
Title: Rain or Shine: an exploratory study of the role of AQ in environment and performance of university students Feb 2010 Dawn Pang
Title: Adversity Quotient as Correlates to the Quality of Life among the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Police Officers of the Manila Police District Feb 2010 Vincent Lugtu
Title: Using AQ to Monitor the Success of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Building Parental Alliances in High-Conflict Cases Feb 2010 Patricia Lane
Title: Adversity Quotient as Determinants of Academic Performance among Nursing students at the University of Makati Feb 2010 Nathalie Marco
Title: A Study of the Adversity Quotient of Secondary Quotient in Relation to Academic Self Concept and Achievement Motivation [Proposal] Dec 2009 Mary Devakumar
Title: Psychological Competencies and Career Satisfaction of Filipino Domestic and International Seafarers Nov 2009 Isabelita S. Salvador
Study: The resilience factors of employees Sept 2009 Jelena Miklos
Study: The AQs of Regular vs Special Education Teachers July 2009 Rudynette Gonzales
Study: The impact of AQ on the productivity and commitment of salesmen May 2009 Alfredo Leta
Study: AQ of college students in relation to their socio economic status and achievement motivation May 2009 Nancy Tarapurwala
Study: Use of AQ for creating strong business leaders of tomorrow April 2009 Susan Tripathi
Study: Comparison between AQ and Depression Rate of Successful and Unsuccessful Students of Shiraz City in Entrance Exam of Iran Daily Government Universities in Educational Year of 2008–2009 [Abstract] Feb 2009 Mohammad Reza Nemati
Study: Study of the relationship between AQ and Defense Mechanisms of secondary school students Nov 2008 V. B. Nikam
Study: Motivation, Ability to overcome Adversity, Job Performance, Rewards and Job Satisfaction Oct 2008 Anita Wasutiningsi
2002–2007 Studies
Study / Description Date Researcher
Title: An Exploratory Study of the Risk Taking Behavior of Successful Immigrant Asian American Entrepreneurs Fall 2007 Suresh Kumar
Description: Assessing predictive validity of the AQ Profile with grade performance; sample population from a course offered in the College of Business and Economics Spring 2007 Constance M. Savage
Description: Course promoting professional development for staff and leadership development for supervisors and managers. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Human Resources – Training and Development. Sept 2006 William J. Fetter, Ph.D.
Title: Focusing on Single Working Mothers: Their Adversity Quotient, Perceived Advantages, Disadvantages, and Coping Strategies April 2006 Maria Cristina J. Santos*
Title: Coefficient of Adversity and Resilience in On-Board Personnel of the Merchant Marine April 2006 Ender E. Carrasquero, M.Sc.**
Title: Adversity Quotient Enhancement Program for a group of Form Seven students in Hong Kong: an Exploratory Study July 2005 Marcella Chiu
Description: Residents of The Rescue Mission tend to be facing significant adversity. Jim is undertaking a study exploring how AQ can help residents weather their adversities more successfully, and land back on their own feet more swiftly. March 2005 Jim Dance, D.Min.
Title: AQ for Low-Wage Workers March 2004 Dr. Susan Crandall
Title: The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Resilience among Registered Nurses Feb 2004 June Sabatinos
Title: Adversity Quotient and Adjustments of Adolescence in the absence of the father (Philippines) Sept 2003 Salvacion Villanueva
Title: Success and Failure and the notion of resilience (of 10th graders) Sept 2003 Andrea Kaye
Title: AQ in the Study of Sport and Exercise June 2003 Guillermo Fulgnacio
Title: The Role of Adversity on Managerial Effectiveness (India) Jan 2003 Roy Anoop
Title: Adversity Quotient of Entrepreneurs (Philippines) Nov 2002 Catherine Tan
Title: Educational Leaders' in Taiwan Response to Adversity and AQ scores of Taiwan Educational Leaders vs. U.S. Educational Leaders Nov 2002 Nick Chao-Ming Lin

* In pursuit of a Masters Degree in Special Education

** In pursuit of Doctorate in Management Sciences