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“If you need someone to ‘unfreeze’ your organisation’s culture, I cannot think of a better man than Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, or a better firm than PEAK.” —Adam Eaton, Group Management Development Director, Aviva, plc

AQ (Adversity Quotient) for OrganizationsAQ Programs Process: AQ Program Outcomes
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AQAll of our AQ sessions are fully engaging, grounded in strong science, and show measurable gains that are reinforced months after the initial session.

Our results are real and measurable.

Rule of thumb: The longer the AQ Program, the more tools people can learn, and the better they can master them.

AQ Program Outcome
Standard full or half day Ability to apply AQ to all facets of their life and work
Ability to measure, interpret, understand their AQ and CORE Profile
Tools for attacking each new problem, issue, opportunity, and adversity with more tenacity, creativity, energy, and resolve
Greater agility, focus, and engagement
Measurably higher resilience and effectiveness
Extended or advanced Ability to apply advanced tools (CORE Strategy™, Advanced LEAD Sequence™) to any individual or collective issue
Methods for coaching, working with others to garner greater resilience, accountability, and results
Substantial, measurable outcomes with specific commitments, timetables, and “trail markers” or checkpoints.