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AQ (Adversity Quotient) for OrganizationsAQ Programs: Program Options: In-Depth, Multi-Day AQ Program
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AQEquip your leaders and people with the essentials of greater resilience.

AQ: The Resilience Advantage—In Depth

This expanded, application-intensive session — ideal for those seeking more tools to tackle pressing issues — equips participants with advanced tools they can immediately apply to their biggest challenges, issues, and opportunities.

Action funnel, CORE strategyParticipants apply the CORE Strategy™, the most substantial AQ tool for tackling the tough stuff, enhancing accountability, and executing through focused action and resilience. This session can be built around specific issues, challenges, and opportunities.

Clients have used the CORE Strategy to...

  • Harness disasters, including pandemics, hurricanes, economic crises, terrorist attacks, and more
  • Dramatically increase revenues, growth, and profit
  • Execute their strategic plan or vision
  • Create superior contingency plans
  • Optimize workforce reductions, restructuring, and more
  • Tackle specific targets such as “add $1.2B in new revenue this year”