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AQTough times are the true test of every leader. AQ equips them to shine when the skies are dark.

AQ: Building Resilient Leaders

When it comes to today’s adversity-rich environment, leadership competencies only go so far. Many of the most “competent” leaders fall short in the face of adversity. How effectively and consistently do you make decisions, solve problems, innovate, keep cool, remain focused, execute and lead others in the most difficult circumstances?

This specialized session engages leaders with entirely new tools for leading their people through adversity, achieving exceptional agility, resolve, tenacity, optimism, energy, accountability, entrepreneurial spirit and results. It provides fresh coaching tools, complementing other approaches, for helping people resolve any issue, in any situation with exceptional speed, effectiveness, and resilience.

Program Description

The high-energy, high-involvement program consists of four modules:

  • Discovery. We explore the gap between conventional assumptions about leadership effectiveness and what it takes to demonstrate exceptional resilience. Self-assessment, discussion, and challenges create a wisdom-packed morning.
  • Measurement. You measure, graph, and interpret your “leadership AQ” and its implications for helping you become a more resilient leader.
  • Improvement. We apply and practice leadership-level AQ-improvement skills at the individual, dyadic, and team levels. You learn and demonstrate the dramatic contrast between normal- and high-AQ leadership.
  • Integration. You explore ways to integrate the AQ leadership principles into your existing culture, processes, systems, and business imperatives and to weave AQ into existing values, norms, and desired outcomes.

Making It Stick...The AQ Leaders’ Ascent

Following the session, you’ll quickly engage in the AQ Leaders’ Ascent—an on-line, virtual mountain climb through 10 sequential challenges that will require you to reinforce and apply your AQ-building leadership tools over the next 3 months. At the Summit, you and your fellow leaders then measure your progress—reassessing your AQs—to see how far you have come and to identify areas for further improvement.