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AQOur 1-day session gives participants at any level greater agility and new resilience-building skills that they can immediately apply at work and in life.

AQ: The Resilience Advantage

This engaging, interactive, customized session provides the AQ® foundation required to become measurably more resilient, agile, and “Response Able” — able to respond optimally to whatever happens the moment it strikes. It includes four sequential modules:

The New Normal: Establish immediate relevance to your opportunities, challenges, and adversities, in the grander context of key, compelling larger trends that help shape the future.

AQ Assessment: Gauge your AQ and CORE scores using the proprietary AQ Profile®.

AQ Tools: Learn to become measurably more resilient by practicing and applying the AQ tools to your specific challenges, issues, and opportunities.

Embedding AQ: Apply AQ to specific (current and emerging) personal and professional problems. Prepare for the 90-day, post-session AQ SkillSites™ to reinforce and strengthen your results.