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AQGiven today’s uncertainties and challenges, leaders know that superior resilience gives any organization the ultimate edge.

The Resilient Organization—Developing the High-AQ Culture

Business peopleCreating a high-AQ culture is about architecting and institutionalizing a set of norms, values, rules, assumptions, and systems that foster appropriate risk, innovation, agility, and gumption.

As creators of the most proven resilience-building methodology in the world, PEAK has the expertise to help you build a high-AQ culture. AQ has helped transform the culture of organizations ranging from entrepreneurial startups to global Fortune 50 enterprises.

PEAK works with clients worldwide to:

  • Identify the “resilience gap” — the gap between the current and desired cultures
  • Pinpoint the facets of the existing culture that can be adjusted
  • Eliminate the most harmful aspects of the current culture
  • Build the new, high-AQ culture over time based on deliberate, resilience-building processes, systems, norms, assumptions, and values

We believe that much of the vital wisdom for meaningful change resides within our client’s organization. That’s why we engage in a highly collaborative approach to create a seismic shift in the culture. We help clients turn their cultural architecture into reality by executing the plan.