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AQThis advanced AQ session is for organizations seeking game-changing breakthroughs and/or next-level mastery of the AQ tools.

AQ: Exceptional Resilience

This completely customized, application-intensive session employs the most robust AQ tools (CORE Strategy™, Advanced LEAD Sequence™, and more) to your highest-octane problems, issues, and opportunities. This exceptionally well-received session is in high demand by clients seeking the next level in resilience.

Harnessing adversity means turning it into a fuel that propels you to a place you could not get to without the adversity. Advanced AQ teaches you how.

Participants emerge with substantial, often dramatic results that they likely would not have achieved without the AQ tools.

Past clients have:

  • Generated $1.2B in new revenue within 2 hours
  • Created global branding strategies
  • Devised and executed disaster-response plans for terrorism, bird flu, hurricanes, cyber attacks, and more
  • Executed their strategic plan globally, with unprecedented engagement, accountability, and speed
  • Resolved chronic union disputes within 2 hours
  • Devised and launched revolutionary campaigns for customer loyalty and retention
  • Implemented bold competitive strategies for gaining market share in the worst economic times
  • Completed, revised, and applied their talent-management strategy
  • Immediately diffused pending publicity-related disasters
  • Doubled profitability amid severe cost constraints
  • Transformed workforce engagement and productivity
  • Tackled the full array of everyday challenges, issues, problems, and opportunities