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“If you need someone to ‘unfreeze’ your organisation’s culture, I cannot think of a better man than Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, or a better firm than PEAK.” —Adam Eaton, Group Management Development Director, Aviva, plc

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AQTop companies use the Real Deal® Program and corresponding activity cards as a fresh, essential conversation and foundation-builder between leaders and their people.

The Real Deal® Program: What keeps you fully engaged?

Based on research conducted using more than 250,000 working professionals, the Real Deal is a self-guided activity that gets right to the heart of the matter. It quickly and simply pinpoints what really makes you tick — the “what” and “why” that shape your underlying values, stressors, motivations, and priorities.

Fortune 50 companies use the Real Deal to transform the way their people relate, engage, and shape their underlying culture. You can use it to...

The Real Deal

  • Select the right people for the right jobs.
  • Give each person a path for becoming more engaged and motivated.
  • Provide a practical shorthand for connecting with others.
  • Accelerate and strengthen teams.
  • Deepen and strengthen communication, trust, and relationships.
  • Understand your current work group or culture.
  • Lead others to be more accountable and engaged.