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“If you need someone to ‘unfreeze’ your organisation’s culture, I cannot think of a better man than Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, or a better firm than PEAK.” —Adam Eaton, Group Management Development Director, Aviva, plc

AQ (Adversity Quotient) for OrganizationsAQ Programs Toolkit
Learn more about AQ ( Adversity Quotient) for organizations

AQDesigned for people with a variety of learning styles, our materials optimize retention and engagement both during and after your session.

All program participants receive quality materials that include the AQ ProfileŽ and the Real Deal™.

The AQ Profile, the world’s leading tool for assessing your resilience and mapping your AQ/CORE results, provides essential insight and the starting point for your AQ ascent.

The Real Deal, an exceptionally popular product, uses a card-deck format to reveal where you must focus your energy to stay fully engaged at work and in life. Learn more about the Real Deal...

The AQ Climber’s Guidebook is a comprehensive interactive workbook and reference tool for during and beyond the AQ session.

The kit also includes a bestselling AQ book written by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, an audio CD that captures Dr. Stoltz reviewing and reinforcing AQ tools and principles, and other practical AQ tools for reinforcing and inspiring the AQ ascent during and beyond the session.

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