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AQWhat if you and your people could be measurably more resilient? What effect would that have on you, them, your organization, and its stakeholders?

Every AQ program is unique.

Every AQ Program is engaging, interactive, energizing, challenging, and pragmatic. Participants emerge with principles and tools they can — and do — apply immediately, both in and outside of work. Even the most sophisticated participants frequently rate our AQ programs as one of the most important and impactful days of learning in their entire lives.

What do PEAK’s programs offer?

Globally proven results. More than 500,000 people worldwide, representing 46 countries, all major industries, and every job level have completed AQ programs, with measurable gains and enduring benefits for themselves and their enterprises.

Broad application. AQ programs are for groups of 10–1000, for people representing intact teams, top levels, mixed levels, front lines, specific functions and divisions, customer/client events, or entirely mixed gatherings.

A flexible format. AQ programs can be conducted indoors or outdoors, in traditional or inspirational settings, with highly experiential elements to make the learning stick. Every session is distinct.

Relentless reinforcement. Every AQ Program is reinforced through PEAK’s 100-Day Ascent.

Here’s what you can expect...

... Fresh, highly innovative content and tools.

... A personalized, customized experience. No two programs are identical.

... Content that is deeply substantiated, based on extensive research and validation.

... Measurable (and qualitative) gains in AQ and a range of individual and organizational key success factors.

How relevant are AQ programs to life and work?

At the end of every program, we ask each participant two questions:

  • Being brutally honest, on a scale of 1–10, how important are these principles and tools to everything that matters to you most in your life?
  • How important are these principles and tools to everything this business (organization) is aspiring to become?

The overall average across hundreds of programs is 9.41.