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“Dr. Paul Stoltz and his team delivered the finest, most practical, and most original presentations, programs, and coaching I have ever experienced. They genuinely transform businesses and change lives. We will definitely be using them again and again in the years to come.” —Chris Powell, EVP, Human Resources, Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.

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AQLeverage your challenges. Stake higher ground. Give your customers the resilience advantage. Harness opportunities for change better and faster than your competitors.

Why does your organization need a resilient, high-AQ culture?

Most organizations are faced with essentially the same challenges and adversities. Those who deal with them better and faster win. This is why creating an exceptionally resilient, high-AQ culture — one that harnesses adversity to fuel momentum — generates energy, innovation, and competitive immunity.

Resilience determines your organization’s appetite for change.

Resilient organizations adapt quickly — even proactively — and are energized by change. Change creates possibilities. Resilient organizations seize them first and gain the most ground.

Resilient, high-AQ organizations also deliver superior value to customers and clients, especially in their moments of truth, or when adversity strikes. Customer loyalty is driven by what you say and do when something goes wrong far more then when everything is going right. Adversity becomes your advantage.

The AQ consulting process is entirely customized to your issues, challenges, and aspirations.

It is specifically designed for organizations that are willing to stare reality in the eye and then authentically commit to make bold strides forward — and up. We help you unearth, challenge, and eradicate the hidden norms, rules, and assumptions that may be crippling your progress and profitability. Typical elements include:

Elevation Check—Getting a frank assessment of how far you are along the climb: where you are now, where you want to be, what you have tried, what has worked, and what has failed. We set your altimeter, gauging your current versus desired altitude.

AQ Assessment—We assess AQ at the individual, team, and organizational levels, as needed, to provide an essential benchmark from which to improve.

The Climbing Route—We help you custom-craft your climbing route, equipping you with the right mix of AQ tools for your unique needs to fortify and accelerate your resilience and ascent.

Trail Markers—We use robust measures to gauge your progress and pace along your ascent toward a more resilient, high-AQ Culture.