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AQOur work yields measurable, often game-changing results. Read what our clients say about the effectiveness of Adversity Quotient® (AQ®) training.

Read what our clients are saying about AQ

“Next to unconditional love, the one gift I would give my children — over and above IQ, good looks, physical prowess, etc. — would be AQ, or resilience — the ability to respond effectively to adversity in our lives.”

—Dr. Scott A. Snook, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

“There is no doubt that AQ, Dr. Paul Stoltz and the PEAK Learning team immediately and directly helped us achieve industry-leading results across all levels of the organization. I strongly recommend AQ to any organization that is interested in igniting its culture and taking performance to entirely new levels.”

—John Suranyi, Former President DIRECTV

“In my entire career I have never seen anyone or anything have the kind of impact on an organization’s culture that Paul and his AQ methods have had. It’s simply the best there is.”

—Igal Mayer, CEO, Norwich Union General Insurance

“If you need someone to ‘unfreeze’ your organisation’s culture, I cannot think of a better man than Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, or a better firm than PEAK.”

—Adam Eaton, Group Management Development Director, Aviva, plc

“PEAK delivers the finest combination of substance, innovation and results of any firm I have ever hired. We have brought in PEAK for keynotes, programs and consulting for 17 years, and they never cease to exceed our ever-increasing expectations. They deliver original wisdom, and tools to equip people and business for the third millennium.”

—Stephen Burrill, Partner, Vice Chairman, Deloitte LLP

“Dr. Paul Stoltz and his team delivered the finest, most practical, and most original presentations, programs, and coaching I have ever experienced. They genuinely transform businesses and change lives. We will definitely be using them again and again in the years to come.”

—Chris Powell, (former) VP, Organizational Development, ING Americas /
(current) EVP, Human Resources, Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.

“Every person on earth should apply these principles. The PEAK team has found the missing ingredient for improving and succeeding in the workplace and at home. I will live by their wisdom and teach it to my children.”

—Neil Campbell, Principal Hardware Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

“The AQ and Total Life Performance programs and principles are among the most important, engaging, and transformational tools in existence for upgrading and equipping your talent. I have never seen so many people benefit so profoundly, completely and quickly. This is among the finest investments we have ever made.”

—Scott Schreiber, VP Customer Experience, Marriott Vacation Club International

“AQ was quite a hit with our group and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was impressed by both the substance of the message and how engaging (and fun) the delivery was. This makes it awfully difficult for future speakers!”

—Mike Peel, General Mills

“Of the learning we offer at P&G, The Adversity Quotient programs are consistently ranked among the most impactful. Given the ever-changing demands of business today, his approach is essential to equip the workforce for success.”

—Shelley DeMayo, Sr. Account Executive in Sales Training, Procter & Gamble

“Our experience with PEAK Learning and Paul Stoltz has been outstanding. Their Adversity Quotient helped our business manage through the ambiguity of being divested, and 2 years later, when we needed to continue to raise the bar on our ability to manage change, and after canceling all other non-integration specific training, it was the only “soft skill” tool we felt would be valuable enough to invest in.”

—Sabine C. van der Meulen, (former) Human Resources, Cadbury Adams (current) Human Resources, Medtronic Navigation, Inc.