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AQPEAK Learning uses Adversity Quotient to help transform a 300-year-old culture — despite unprecedented economic adversity.

Aviva: Cultural Transformation & Innovation

Aviva is the fifth largest insurance company in the world. Over the course of 1.5 years, PEAK helped Aviva transform its worldwide organization and culture from a collection of about 27 companies scattered across 27 countries into a true global brand and powerhouse. Aviva now serves 50 million customers and is on course to double its value (earnings per share) in 3–5 years during the most adverse economic storm in modern history.

The AQ Culture Change Ascent—Highlights

July 2007: Andrew Moss, new CEO of Aviva, introduces his ambitious 3–5 year vision, “One Aviva, Twice the Value.”

Winter 2007: Aviva retains PEAK to deliver the “Seven Summits,” a series of sessions designed to equip its top 450 leaders with AQ tools so they could begin shifting the culture and achieving the vision.

Spring 2008: The Seven Summits result in game-changing strategies for launching the new brand, engaging employees, recognizing and winning customers, accelerating innovation, enhancing profits, and transforming the culture.

Fall 2008: PEAK designs and delivers summits for the next level of Aviva leaders, resulting in a second, deeper wave of AQ-based strategies for transformation.

Spring 2009: PEAK designs and delivers advanced AQ tools for Aviva’s leaders to accelerate the cultural transformation during a year of major economic adversities.

2009–2010: AQ tools and principles continue to be expanded and used throughout Aviva.


  • Significant, measurable gains in AQ (11 percent average improvement, worldwide)
  • A transformed global brand
  • Progress in fulfilling the vision, “One Aviva, Twice the Value” despite unprecedented economic adversity
  • Stronger growth (financially and culturally) in the face of adversity
  • Measurable gains in employee engagement, now at an all-time-high
  • Accelerated innovation worldwide
  • Enhanced ownership and accountability
  • Applying AQ to the full range of opportunities and challenges