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“AQ was quite a hit with our group and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was impressed by both the substance of the message and how engaging (and fun) the delivery was. This makes it awfully difficult for future speakers!” —Mike Peel, General Mills

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AQIndustry-leading companies worldwide have implemented our AQ solutions to transform their cultures, people, and results.

Who uses AQ? Meet some of our clients.

Aviva plc, a Fortune 50 company, used AQ tools, coaching, and programs to help transform its global culture, equip its top leaders worldwide, engage its people, live its brand promise internally and externally, and fulfill an ambitious vision in adversity-rich times.

Bank Mandiri, the largest bank in Indonesia, used AQ to transform its culture, eliminate entitlement, enhance accountability, equip its leaders, and hire more resilient people in its aspiration to be the regional leader in the banking industry.

Sitel, a global leader in contact center outsourcing, used AQ to strengthen its hiring process and develop more resilient, effective leaders.

Harvard Business School incorporates AQ theory and methods into its prestigious executive development and MBA programs.

Idealab, an acclaimed entrepreneurial hotbed, used AQ to equip the leaders of 11 companies to be more innovative, agile, resilient, and effective in the face of adversity and opportunity.

ING, a powerhouse in the global financial services, used AQ to equip top leaders to gain market share, engage employees, and make bold strategic moves in the face of severe economic headwinds.

The Young Presidents’ Organization / World Presidents’ Organization is the world’s top organization for entrepreneurs and business leaders. It uses AQ to equip its leaders, their spouses and families, and their top people to develop exceptional tenacity, performance, resolve, and resilience, thereby fueling personal and professional growth, success, and fulfillment.

DIRECTV: This leader in the entertainment industry used AQ across all job levels, functions, and locations to measurably improve sales, service, attrition, engagement, and overall performance.

Cadbury Adams used AQ to equip its leaders to optimize change and performance, as well as to coach its people to be more accountable and resilient.

Marriott International used AQ as a foundation for key applications in conferences, recruitment, diversity training, and leadership development. The company also used AQ for executive team coaching.

Marriott Vacation Club International used AQ and Total Life Performance™ programs to improve associate satisfaction and create a workforce that thrives in demanding circumstances.

Hewlett-Packard used AQ for a variety of applications related to driving innovation, fostering employee engagement, and helping its global technical leaders, sales leaders, and people become more resilient.

Sun Microsystems used AQ to improve both resilience and sales during exceptionally difficult times.

Irving Oil, recently named North America’s “Refinery of the Year,” transformed its culture using AQ, making resilience a core value. The company also used AQ to enhance its customer service applications and to coach its top executives, with the goals of accelerating performance, deepening accountability, and enriching life.

Nortel Networks Limited used AQ to rebound from financial and competitive adversities and become strengthened by them.

Procter and Gamble used AQ as a foundational element in its leadership training program for high-talent, global sales leaders.

Kemin Industries, Inc., has benefited from a variety of AQ solutions. It used AQ in its online applications for customers and implements the online screening AQ Profile to hire top performers worldwide. Kemin has also implemented our AQ programs to equip its leaders and workforce in an effort to drive and implement change.

Irwin Union Bank uses AQ principles as the foundation for the professional development of its current and high-potential leaders.

The U.S. Postal Service hired PEAK Learning, Inc., to present a keynote that would introduce the principles of AQ and set the tone for its annual sales conference.

General Mills hired PEAK Learning, Inc., to present a conference keynote on building a resilience workforce for human resources leaders.

Mackenzie Financial hired PEAK Learning, Inc., to present seven marquis keynotes for 7,000 financial advisors. The topics addressed ways to apply AQ and the Invincible Investor to “the new conversation about money.”

Algonquin College of Ottawa Canada has made AQ one of the cornerstones of its new Canadian Executive Development Series (CEDS).