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About PEAK Leaning, a consulting firm founded by Dr. Pual G. Stoltz, pioneer of Adversity QuotientCompany profile for PEAK Learning
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AQPEAK Learning®, a global research and consulting firm, is the world’s leader in assessing and strengthening human resilience within organizations.

With resilience comes hope.

Adversity Quotient®, or AQ®, is the most proven method of understanding, assessing, and strengthening the way people perform under demanding circumstances. PEAK’s signature brand of products and programs are the most effective for learning and applying AQ methods.

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, PEAK has expanded to include a global team of top thinkers and valued strategic partners who share in its quest. Today, PEAK offers a unique array of AQ-related solutions and products. PEAK’s world headquarters sits on a coastal mountaintop in San Luis Obispo, California.

PEAK’s principals include Dr. Paul G. Stoltz (originator of AQ and Director of the Global Resilience Institute), Dr. Jeff Thompson, and Dr. Ronda Beaman. PEAK also has licensed affiliates and partners in Australia, the Philippines, and the USA.