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“In my entire career I have never seen anyone or anything have the kind of impact on an organization’s culture that Paul and his AQ methods have had.”
—Igal Mayer, CEO, Norwich Union General Insurance

What is the AQ Profile? Information about the world's most ribust method for measuring resilienceOverview of the Applicant Screening AQ Profile
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Do you hire based on “skillset” or “mindset”?

Adobe ReaderWhen making an employment decision and choosing between the final two short-listed candidates, how do you decide who to hire? Find out why mindset trumps skillset every time...

Who uses the AQ Profile?

Our clients include many industry-leading companies. Learn more...

AQHire resilient, effective people. The Applicant Screening AQ Profile enhances your current hiring process by adding AQ or Adversity Quotient — the vital factor in long-term success — into the mix.

Minimize the risks associated with hiring.

$75,000–$800,000 — that’s the true cost to your business for each bad hire.

According to top researchers, business leaders consistently — often dramatically — underestimate the cost of poor hiring decisions. Factor in the time and costs of recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and growing a single employee. Then consider the effect of a bad hire on morale, productivity, and customer retention costs when he or she underperforms. The toll becomes immense.

The AQ Profile is the only statistically valid, reliable tool in existence for measuring AQ. The people who have completed this profile reflect a broad range of backgrounds, ages, cultures, industries, and occupations; they have all contributed to the growing AQ global database.

How do you purchase the Applicant Screening AQ Profile?

You can purchase these in bundles of 50 or more. Contact us at to learn more about volume discounts and licensing options.

How do you use the Applicant Screening AQ Profile?



It's actually very quick and easy. Just follow this simple four-step process.

  • step 1


    Configure a profile by inputting basic info about the company, position, and applicant into our intuitive, web-based dashboard.

  • step 2


    E-mail an invite to the applicant or verbally give them access to a secure portal.

  • step 3


    The applicant spends 8–10 minutes completing the AQ Profile, either at home or in your facility.

  • step 4

    View Results

    View the results in a user-friendly format. (The applicant does not receive this information). View sample results...

It takes only 8–10 minutes to complete the Applicant Screening AQ Profile.
AQ Applicant Screening Profile

Administration Tools

You’re provided with access to your own intuitive dashboard where you can instantly view and sort applicant results, distribute profiles, e-mail applicants, monitor responses, etc. Managing and accessing results for each applicant is easy.

Managing and accessing results for each applicant is easy.
Administrative tools for the AQ Screening Profile

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AQ Profile Disclaimer: The AQ Profile® is a tool for providing insight into a person's pattern of response to adverse situations, which is considered a gauge of one's resilience (and more). It is intended to provide only additional insight, and is not intended to be used to make final decisions on job candidates, since no psychometric tool can claim or recommend a numeric cutoff for who to hire and who to reject.