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The AQ Profile is the one tool selected by Harvard Business School to assess and strengthen the resilience of its leaders in its prestigious Executive Education and MBA programs.

What is the AQ Profile? Information about the world's most ribust method for measuring resilienceOverview of the AQ Profile
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AQ Fundamentals

How does the AQ Profile work? What does it measure? Learn more...

Validation Studies

See how the Developmental AQ Profile has been used to gauge organizational change. Learn more...

Do you hire based on “skillset” or “mindset”?

Adobe Acrobat PDFWhen making an employment decision and choosing between the final two short-listed candidates, how do you decide who to hire? Find out why mindset trumps skillset every time...


AQThe AQ Profile® is the most robust instrument in existence for assessing resilience — the capacity to respond constructively to adversity and challenges of all sorts.

The AQ Profile: Assess & Strengthen Your Organization’s Resilience

The AQ Profile (9.1) assesses an individual’s Adversity Quotient®. Leading companies use it to screen job applicants and hire more resilient people. They also use it to develop leaders and a more resilient workforce.

The AQ Profile is…

...based on 35 years of research and more than 1,500 studies worldwide.

...grounded in data from one million individuals representing all industries and job levels across 63 countries.

...quick and easy. It takes 8–10 minutes to complete (online) and automatically provides immediate results.

Two versions for different applications

AQ Profile (9.1) For Screening Job Applicants
Use the Applicant Screening AQ Profile to select the most resilient, agile, high performance people to join your organization — quickly, inexpensively, and effectively.

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AQ Profile (9.1)—For Personal Development and Learning
The Developmental AQ Profile, used in conjunction with our AQ programs, offers immediate insight and tips for becoming measurably more resilient agile, and effective. The Developmental AQ Profile is also a fundamental part of AQ-related research.