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GRIT is to achievement as air is to life. One terminates and fails to exist without the other.


The Real Deal®

What is the one thing that matters most to you in work or life? [more]

The Real Deal : Discover what matters the most


AQ Profile®

GRIT Gauge™

GRIT: The New Science of What It Takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed

GRIT bookBreakthrough research proves that GRIT can be understood, measured, and permanently improved. New York Times #1 bestselling author Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, originator of the AQ® theory and method, delivers on the next big breakthrough in human endeavor and success. Discover why a new study reveals that 98 percent of employers worldwide pick GRIT over any other factor — including grit. Find out why GRIT can determine whether you achieve your goals, transcend your circumstances, and better your life.

Each book comes with a private code to complete the GRIT Gauge™, online, with a full feedback report on one’s GRIT, along with concrete tools and tips to apply GRIT as leaders, students, professionals, parents, athletes, team members, individuals, whatever the age or stage of life, to achieve uncommon personal and collective success in any and all pursuits. Available online now.

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